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Dustin Curtis Bobcat Land Grading & Debris Hauling Service ... 352-800-4482

Land Grading and Hauling Service also providing Yard and Property Debris Removal. Gravel, Rock, Sand, Pavers, Brick and Sod Delivered or Removed. Clean Fill Delivery FORECLOSURE CLEAR OUT AND CLEAN UP.

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...he is a professional at his job
   Dustin Curtis and his company are great and I recommend them for your job. He brought in Equestrian Fill and graded my paddock. It looks like new. Very pleased with his work, he is a professional at his job.
Don W.

We ...were amazed at how quickly and beautifully things progressed each day until the project was finished, on time and on budget.

Dear Dustin,

   We’d like to thank you for the outstanding job you did on our property in ... Lake Worth.  After our general contractor met with you, he recommended you as someone with the interest and talent to execute the entire project, which involved design, grading, ... and planting.  We – and the tenants at our property - were amazed at how quickly and beautifully things progressed each day until the project was finished, on time and on budget. The design - negotiated with considerable charm on your part - achieves a good balance between my desire for order, and Catherine’s taste for unrestrained xeriscaping.  We also appreciate your having gone out of your way to find mature specimens of the native shrubs on our wish list. The resulting makeover exceeded our expectations and has increased the property value well beyond the cost of the project.  We would wholeheartedly recommend DC Bobcat to others.

Cliff and Catherine K.


  Thank you for saving the day!
The neighbors should be happy now!
Jack D C.

 "high work ethic, and unbreakable honesty"

   I am writing to you today in reference to Dustin Curtis .... I highly recommend Dustin Curtis from DC Bobcat for his high work ethic, and unbreakable honesty. I have had the pleasure to do business with him since 2008, and have been extremely satisfied with his work. Dustin always strives to keep constant open communication and honorable dealings. In 2010, Dustin was awarded by our company.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if further information is required.

Luz Ciarlo

Vice President

M. C. Dirt Movers, Inc.


I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the service I received from Dustin Curtis Bobcat!  Dustin himself came out and gave us a estimate (of a fair price, I might add).  He followed up quickly with a contract and got us on his schedule.  He arrived right on schedule, did a great job  and was finished right on schedule.  Working with Dustin was like years ago when you got  personal attention and people who cared about the job they did!  I would highly recommend  Dustin and his company, and if the need arises, I will not hesitate to hire his company again.
Darlene and Dennis


November ...
 " I just had a very positive experience with Dustin Curtis Bobcat ..."
   I just had a very positive experience with Dustin Curtis Bobcat....I am almost always anxious when I have to order fill for periodic replenishment around my barn, as it is of UTMOST importance to get screened and safe material to protect my horses...equine feet are very vulnerable to serious injury.  It was my good luck this time to encounter Teresa on the phone...I knew from our first conversation that she understood my concerns completely....
   Dustin was just here this morning....very professional and ontime....doing everything exactly as I had requested, and even more, to leave it in even better shape than I had hoped! 

I can recommend them with confidence....They work with integrity AND truly love animals, and we all know that's a good sign!
Sharon G
Palm Beach Gardens
July ....
"It reminds me of days past when... businesses for hire took pride in their work..."
My experience with Dustin Curtis was one I will surely remember.  It reminds me of days past when people treated each other with respect and businesses for hire took pride in their work.  Dustin acted in a very professional manner from start to finish.  The followup was great.  I had an emergency situation on a holiday weekend when most would have said to call back after the holiday.  Instead, Dustin came out on a Sunday at 8:30AM.  And the best part was that the work was done quickly and efficiently.  Only after Dustin came and inspected the job did he ask for payment.  This is one company I would highly recommend.  Thanks Dustin
Ken M.


" I went with someone else's bid ...what a mistake..."

   I had Dustin come and give us an estimate on quite a lot of different projects on my property. He came to the house and spent an hour or more with us, giving us suggestions and guiding us on what not to do ( regulations etc.) and what to watch out for from other bids we might get...( like verbal bid vs. written bid - or bids that do not include a start date ...or dump fees not included or everything clearly stated in writing...etc....yada yada yada )
The written bid was emailed to us and we used Dustin's written bid to discuss the work and price with other service companies.
   We settled on "another company" that was about $1500.00 less expensive that Dustin's.  A lot of money to save for one property's project....! We met with the "other company" 3 times and using Dustin's written bid to us we shook hands and paid the "other company" a deposit to start.
   We waited and waited weeks for the other company to start ... then finally they showed and dirt was delivered and machines were going and trees were prunned and grass and weeds and bushes and cement blocks were piling up and workmen trash was left all over and not enough dirt was delivered and the wrong tree was taken out ... and the sprinkler system was cracked by the machines and the town sited us for the debris at the street and the back side neighbor made us pay for installation and a new tree.  We had to have a sprinkler company in to do the repairs ... pay for additional fill dirt to be delivered...have a dumpster delivered and pay for the dump fees....and of course pay for the neighbor's tree.
    As you can probably guess,  we ended up spending $2200.00 more than Dustin's original bid and had Dustin come back to complete the project correctly.
A costly mistake but I will only use Dustin in the future.
Daniel R.
Palm Beach Florida













                   BEFORE                                                                 AFTER








..."Your service is top notch..."
   Your service is top notch.
You will be the first I ever call again.
Matthew and Tiffany
                                                                      ...2 days later
Before                                                                                                   After
Hello Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Service,
"I am very satisfied with your performance and pricing and will definitely call you as soon as we need more materials. Thanks again.

Tom J.
ZMG Construction Inc.
Chief Purchaser
..."How rare to find someone... that has a work ethic."
I would like to express how rare it is to find someone in South Florida that actually has a work ethic.  Mr. Curtis is very professional, prompt, and delivers the services that he has promised.  I would readily recommend Mr. Curtis to anyone that is in need of quality services.  My yard has been a pond during the rainy season for the last 5 years.  Dustin was able to rectify this problem at a very reasonable cost. I now have a yard that I will be able to landscape and enjoy. 
Thank you for the excellent work!
Jill - W. Palm Beach
It’s refreshing to deal with a such professional and courteous contractor.


It’s refreshing to deal with a such professional and courteous contractor. Everything about my experience in dealing with you and the manner in which you undertook your work was first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you.


North Palm beach Fl. 33408


Thank you for responding to my rain flooding emergency immediately. This week has been a soaking experience and my yard became a pond that threatened to overflow into my house.

My husband and I had done all we could to redirect the water away from the house but it became a losing battle.
I went online and saw that there had been many other people that left reviews about how happy they were with the job you did redirecting the rainwater from their property so I called as the rains continued to fall and flood us. I explained how concerned I was with the water seeping into the house now.
TO MY PLEASANT SURPRISE you agreed to come right over and see what you could do to help!
While we stayed dry inside you walked the yard and come to a solution.
You gave us a fair price without any extra fees on for the emergency work and got right to work.
THANK YOU for saving our wood floors... you redirected the water flow out to the street and into the culvert like it should have been in the first place.
Add us to your long list of thankful customers who appreciate your concern and professional expertise.
We recommend Dustin Curtis Bobcat Land Grading at as a responsible service provider in Florida.
John and Revi

This storm (Tropical Storm Fay ) really proved how well you understand and managed to control our pastures' drainage ...
"Dear Dustin:
All of South Florida just suffered through a tremendous amount of rainfall with the tropical storm and we just want you to know, due to your wonderful, professional efforts at our ranch, our water drainage was very good. What could have been a complete disaster for our animals, had virtually no impact on them since they had many high and dry places to stand. Please feel free to use us as a referral to other potential clients" ...
"Thank you again. This storm really proved how well you understand and managed to control our pastures' drainage."
Marla & Charles H.
Boca Raton, FL 33498



Your honesty is rare in this day and age of making a quick buck...

(Hello Joe,
   Thank you for the opportunity to bid on your job.
We are sure we can not be competitive in price with those companies that are in your area. We  would have to charge you a full day of labor + a fuel surcharge there and back.
That is just not right!
I have looked up the name of some companies in your area and have attached them below.....Perhaps they can give you a Fair price. )
Your honesty is rare in this day and age of making a quick buck. Many would have quoted me an outrageous price hoping I'd bite. And beyond that you actually gave me some companies to call. I can't thank you enough.
Best Wishes
Joe R. "
Judging by all the rave reviews, my comments aren't really necessary, but I feel the need to give Dustin kudos for his assitance at our home last week. Not only did he "upright" two trees in our garden which were blown over by heavy winds, he gave us amazing insight as to how to care for the rest of our tropical foliage (which we had no idea!)...Dustin is truly a remarkable gentleman, not only brilliant in his field of work, but professional, kind, and down to earth. We would recommend DC Bobcat to anyone who is seeking a true professional!
(He comes with a great sense of humor as well!)
Jen A.  Lake Worth Fl.
I would highly recommend his company to any one who wants an excellent job for a reasonable cost!!
We hired Dustin Curtis to perform a job that would enable us to enlarge and improve the playground space for our preschool. He was chosen after I met with several representatives from other organizations. Dustin Curtis's knowledge and attitude far surpassed any of the other candidates. I can not speak highly enough about his work ethic, punctuality, helpfulness and performance of the job. He and his staff are professional and courteous. I would highly recommend his company to any one who wants an excellent job for a reasonable cost!!
Thanks again Dustin!
Kelly   ...


  Before                                                                                                 After                                                                

Dustin Curtis: You and your team listened to each and every aspect of what I wanted in terms of work and budget.
" I have hired many workers here in South Florida to help with various home improvement projects. I had gotten to the point where I believed that a person who took pride in their work, did exactly what they promised, at the price agreed upon, and truly cared about providing the customer with not only excellent workmanship, but a wonderful experience, simply did not exist anymore.

I was wrong. You and your team listened to each and every aspect of what I wanted in terms of work and budget. I received a detailed proposal of the jobs you would complete, the time frame and the cost.
I never had to be surprised or second guess anything.
The clear communication, concern for what I wanted and guidance when asked for, made working with you and your team at DC Bobcat a complete joy. Once the job was completed, the skill involved was evident. I have had many people comment about the high quality of work completed. As the home owner, your work brings me great pride daily because I get to enjoy and show off the benefits of a job so beautifully done!

I look forward to working with you again and thank you for proving that there are still people out there who really do care about the job that they do. Thank you for creating a company that is driven by the desire to please the customer!"

Rose & Micky in Boynton Beach, Florida 33436

 I live in Palm Beach County, South Florida and I needed some fill dirt & gravel & rocks for a landscaping & yard renovation project for a burm that would incorporate soil washout prevention with a swail landscape design.
I also wanted a price for :
• gravel the driveway
• remove and dump my yard debris / waste
• scrape & grade the dirt in the yard
• fill a swale with #57 gravel
• haul / deliver the dirt and gravel
• price sand for paving a patio
• backfill a hole where a tree was removed
• deliver crushed or recycled concrete
• re-grade a corner of the yard so I can make it level for a small above ground pool
• lay a couple pallets of sod
• lower the dirt at the house foundation

I needed the costs up front to make a budget….
Dustin of DC Bobcat came and spoke with me for 3 hours. He made drawings as we walked my property & made a job priority list for me. We spoke about land preparation & sod costs; Hourly Bobcat grading vs. whole job cost; Dumping fees for the yard trash and how to use recycled concrete for a driveway surface,  trucking costs for fill, gravel, recycled concrete, and swale work.

The next day he faxed us a written proposal with the cost broken down per project showing how each job stage of the yard makeover impacts the next job so I could see where to start and why.

He has been working within our budget, completing one or two projects a month. It has been 4 months now and I can see how important it is to have done the land preparation and orderly sequencing of the project.

Thank you Dustin for the time you took to help us understand the scope of the renovation and your consideration of our financial boundaries.
Thank you for all your hard work every month.

Chris and Sandra
I was fortunate to Find DC Bobcat !
"I went online to find a land grading company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau serving Southeast Florida. I also wanted to read reviews from past customers. I found Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Service and his staff answered all my questions. They directed me to his website and confirmed that he is a Better Business Bureau member. After looking him up on the BBB, I asked for a free estimate on clearing the overgrown brush on my vacant property. He showed up on time and we discussed what I wanted done and the time frame and a cost for his service. He called his office and they faxed over a written estimate on company letterhead with the costs clearly stated and no small print. I am very impressed with Dustin Curtis and his company. He is neatly dressed in a clean company t-shirt, showed up on time for our appointments, and has an office staff that is very courteous and helpful."
Gloria A.   Florida
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did at my home. Your vision and artistry have played a substantial role in helping a nondescript yard evolve into a spectacular tropical landscape.
" I have been involved in nearly a dozen home purchases and renovations over the last few years in South Florida. This last one is now my own home. You and your wonderful staff are a quantum leap above and beyond 99.9% of the available “professionals” in your industry.

You are a man of your word, doing what you promised, placing it within the four corners of a written estimate. You were on time, accompanied by an estimated arrival time call from your office manager. You were a gentleman and at the same time sincere and down to earth. You truly occupy rarefied air in the South Florida landscaping industry.

I have to disagree with you on one point. You jokingly said this was not “brain surgery”. Maybe not, but there are more than a few surgeons and medical professionals like myself who would greatly benefit from your gifted eye and artistic expression using a medium like stone. Very few can tap a large stone with the precision you showed using several tons of heavy industrial equipment.

This was our first project together, but rest assured it will not be the last. I look forward to working with you again. It would be an honor to someday call you my friend."

Michael H. M
Loxahatchee, Florida 33470 Palm Beach County
 I needed some Clean fill, Sod, and Gravel to landscape my empty rear yard...
"I called and Dustin came over and after 20 minutes of discussion, he drew up a landscape plan that had ALL the elements we spoke about. The next day his office faxed me an estimate that detailed EVERYTHING. Grade the yard for water runoff; Deliver sod; Create raised Flower and Vegetable Gardens; Bring in a pathway; Deliver a few trees and bushes; Make a Meditation area out of beautiful boulders and stones! He and his office staff made this a very nice experience. I would be happy to recommend him for your landscape needs."

Jeanette  33458 in Jupiter, FL
I was looking for a company with good ratings ....
I found ! I needed a swale for rain water runoff that was flooding my yard and patio. I had a few rotted pickets on my fence and it no longer closed correctly. I had 4 pallets of bricks to get rid of. I had 3 BIG planters with trees in them that were now too heavy to move away from the front door, and I had a dead palm down on the ground by the driveway.
I asked Dustin to give me an estimate on doing everything. The NEXT MORNING I had a fax with the written estimate and the start date and all the details clearly stated...I signed it and he went right to work and completed the entire job in 3 days. I am very happy with his work and his attention to details. He has the eye of a designer and the tools of a workman...the perfect combination. Thanks for a lot of jobs WELL DONE !
Reva E
I needed information that would help me decide what projects I could afford
I wanted to know the cost to remove my old blocks and regrade my backyard, the cost to remove the junk at the rear of the property and take it to the dump, the cost of sod and the price to lay a pallet of sod; I wanted to know what kind of sand to use for pavers, how much sand I need for the path, the cost of the sand and delivery; The cost to level a path and bring in clean fill if needed, how much are dump fees, and how do you remove the old sod.
I called DC Bobcat and Dustin met with me and we talked for 2 hours. He answered all my questions and the next day he sent me a written estimate with each job INDIVIDUALLY priced so that I could pick and choose what I could afford and wanted to do.
Thank you Dustin for your consideration.
Timothy R. in Jupiter
  Cushing Swimming Pools Construction Pools, Inc
"Cushing Swimming Pools Construction Pools, Inc. takes this opportunity to thank Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Services for their past job performance and look forward in the future to a continued working relationship."
Thank you,
William J. Cushing, Wellington Florida 33414
I needed sand delivery and HELP in Boca Raton
"I needed sand for a brick path project I wanted to do myself. I spoke to the guys at H.D. and the other place. They had no idea how to prepare the land. I called at 561-963-1199 and his office explained the different types of sand and their uses to me. Then I spoke to Dustin and he gave me a lot of pointers on how to proceed with the brick paver walkway myself. Here is what I came to know : It is not easy to level ( grade ) the land - to get the roots out of the way- to wheelbarrow and shovel the paver sand into place and to carry the bricks 1 by 1 to the ever further away path. After a few days of back breaking shovel work, I called Dustin back. He gave me an estimate that was well worth the time to have him finish it. He had to remove what I had started to regrade it correctly.
Thank you Dustin Curtis.
You are the professional and a gentleman. "
Vergil V. in Boca Raton Florida

Your service was quick, courteous, and professional.
"Thank you for all of your help. Your service was quick, courteous, and professional. Dustin went out of his way to meet me after work to give me an estimate and Teresa was always available for questions and to make the process as convenient as possible. I really appreciate the extra time that Dustin took to make additional suggestions for my project. I would highly recommend your services."

Melissa Duncan
Water came into my house from the rain on the patio and in the back yard
"The first rain after the drought and it is a soaker! Too much too hard and it all streamed onto my back patio and into the house ! I looked online and found D C Bobcat and I called him. Rain and all he came right over. He used his machine to lower the dirt in my back yard against the patio where layer after layer of sod had built it up too high and then he channeled it out toward the street. He did this in the rain and saved my floors and furniture. He is my hero!"
Thank you,
Barbara in Hypoluxo 33462 Palm Beach County Florida
June 2, 2007

I need help to prepare for the hurricane season.
The hurricane season in Florida is here & my yard needed to be cleaned up. I called Dustin Curtis Bobcat Land Grading and Hauling Service and he came over to see what needed to be done. We agreed to work on a daily rate and he got right to the task. He collected all the dead branches and small dead trees and loaded them into his dump trailer. He took away the pile of trash ... (pallets from the new patio job, the black planters from the replacement trees, the left over bricks and old pavers that we replaced, the scattered wood pieces that the builder left on of the property, and the cement bags that had been rained on and were now cemented in place to each other ) He was even willing to relocate the plastic storage shed from one side of the yard to the other using the bobcat machine and no time at all. I got a lot done and my mind is at ease about the hurricane season knowing I will not have a lot of loose debris flying around to hit my house. Dustin did all this in one day. Hooray !!
Sophia in Delray Beach, Fl 33444
May 30, 2007
The Piles of trash are gone !!
Thanks Dustin for doing everything you said you would. I asked if you could: remove the piles of construction trash in the backyard, scrape the ground to level the dirt to a usable grade, move a small potted tree, bring in some clean fill for a vegetable garden, deliver the sod, move a pallet of pavers so that I could lay the sod, and put all the cut bushes and branches out front for bulk pick-up.
You did it all, in one day, with no hassles for me. Thanks !!!
Wiles in Wellington, Florida 33414

Thank you Dustin Curtis Bobcat Land Grading and Trash Hauling Service for a job well done.
"My Backyard had two layers of sod that had raised the grade above the brick patio level and I needed it lowered before hurricane season came and flooded into the house. I called Dustin at 561-963-1199 and his office set an appointment for later that day ( Wednesday). He came to the house and really listened to what I wanted and offered some great ideas for a new landscape design. The next day his office faxed me a design plan and a written estimate. I signed both and he started work on Monday. They worked 10 hours a day for 4 days till the yard was completed. What a great job!! He removed the excess sod and dirt and moved the small  to the perimeter of the yard. He bought  the landscape design to life and now the grade of the yard is correct for water runoff and I have a really nice looking back patio area for entertaining. Thanks again guy!!! "
John Barter 
This is a 5 star review for Dustin Curtis Bobcat.
 I needed the broken brick pavers taken out of my side yard and the pile of dirt flattened and the dirt graded to level the driveway. I called Dustin Curtis Bobcat and set an appointment with his office to meet with me the next afternoon at 3pm.
***** He showed up on time.*****
We discussed what I wanted done with the pavers, dirt and the driveway. He said I would need additional clean fill to grade the driveway. He would supply the clean fill and the delivery and grade the driveway also remove the pavers and bring in sod and have it laid.
*****He listened to what I wanted and understood*****
He took out his file case and gave me a written estimate with three different work options available. I was amazed that he put into writing everything we had just discussed...exactly as we had discussed it. He left the estimate with me as I said I wanted to get other estimates for the work.
(I tell you  that it is next to impossible to get other estimates in writing ...showing the individual jobs and the start and finish dates and the price and just to get the other guys to even show up on time to give a verbal estimate!!!! )
******he gave me a written estimate with job options, start date and total cost clearly written out*****
I am happy to report that I took his estimate and had him do the work for me. He did everything that was in the plan and it cost me exactly what I agreed to. He started when he said he would and I now have the yard and Driveway I wanted.
*****Honest and Reliable*****
April 23, 2007 by Janet Russ in Boca Raton, Florida 33486

"I called Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Services after I checked out his company online . I spoke to his office and asked them to deliver some clean fill. They figured out the amount I needed and emailed me a price in writing that was almost half the price of the local nursery. (delivery included!!) He delivered it the next morning and graded it for me for a small additional charge. I am glad to recommend Dustin Curtis and his staff for a job done well !! Thanks, Chris"
April 03, 2007 by Chris and Micky in Boynton Beach, FL

I highly recommend Dustin Curtis and his office staff. GREAT JOB !!!
"I am recommending Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Services because he came to the rescue. I had one day left to get the trash hauled away and the patio area graded before the patio tiles were being delivered and set. (my landscaper kept promising to get here but never did) I called Dustin's office at 561-963-1199 and his staff got right to work. They contacted him and sent him right over. By the time he got here he had all my information and the pricing ready and then we talked a few minutes about what I wanted and he took out an estimate sheet and wrote it up right here. I accepted it and he got right to work. Let me tell you that I was very impressed with his response, professionalism and pricing. Most of all I am relieved to have it all done in time and done correctly. I highly recommend Dustin Curtis and his office staff. GREAT JOB !!!"
 by Ginger in West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Top of the Line - Highly Recommended
"Top of the Line - Highly Recommended I want to thank Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Service for being honest and on time. I needed to have a lot of muck and dirt removed from my front yard where the "other guy" had left it in piles. I called his office and made an appointment and he was here on time!! He then took time to speak with me and answered all my questions and concerns. His office then sent me his written estimate with the entire job explained out and a clear price for each item I requested. He even worked with me to reduce my cost by finding a place to take the clean fill for free. I am very satisfied with the completed job. The front yard is now graded and ready for sod. All the left over debris is gone to the dump and I know a neighbor is very happy with the free fill Dustin bought over. He works very hard and is very fair with his pricing. Thank you, Greg and Christine D."
Greg and Christine in Lake Worth, FL 33463

The water was flooding my patio and driveway.....
"I had my rear yard redone with a childs swing set and a patio. The dirt grade was too high and when my sprinklers came on it flooded us. I called the crew that had done the backyard childs area and they would not return my calls. After a month they insisted that the grade was correct when they left and that perhaps the patio people did the incorrect grade. The patio people blamed the recreation crew etc ...on and on. I called Dustin Curtis Bobcat and hauling services. He came over, took one look and told me to stop the sod installation. He scooped up the new layer of sod that we had started the weeks before and laid it aside with his bobcat. He then regraded the area, put in an area for water run off and hauled away the excess dirt. He dropped back the sod and helped us kick it in place. One day and it was all done. I recommend Dustin Curtis. He is fair in his pricing and honest with his assessment. He was helpful in showing us the correct way to lay the sod also. Thank you."
Greg B. Wellington, Florida 33413

You were there !!!
"Thank you Dustin Curtis Bobcat Grading and Hauling services. I was a week behind in getting the work completed on two job site digs. I found on the internet and after a little research to check them out, I decided to call. I spoke directly to the owner, Dustin Curtis, and we discussed the Job. I was impressed with his honesty and we negotiated a price and time for him to go to my customers' homes. First thing Monday morning he picked up my equipment and went to the job sites and worked all day in Miami till the digs were completed. I will definately use him again. He is Honest, on time and professional with my customers. That is the best recommendation I can give. Sincerely, Hudson R. Boca Raton"

Hudson in Boca Raton, FL 33428


Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Services was the first company available
"I want to thank Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Services for being available and willing to meet my time needs for filling a dumpster with trash before they came to remove it.
   The "OTHER" guy never showed and kept me waiting a week before he called to say he couldn't make it over. I called Curtis' office and his office manager sent over a workman with a bobcat that day. He gave me a written estimate that I signed and he went to work clearing the trash and loading the dumpster. Thank you again, Aaron P"
Aaron P in Lake Worth, FL

Asphalt removed and driveway graded
"Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Services came the day I called and gave me a written estimate to remove my dirt so that the concrete company could form the new driveway. We made an appointment and he showed up on time. He was wearing a company shirt and was very professional. He did the entire job in one day and took a personal check made to his company. I appreciate how neat the front looked when he was finished. I was able to get my driveway done with no problems at all.
Thanks, Bob B. in Wellington"

Thank you for a speedy response
"Thank you DC Bobcat for a speedy response to my call. I needed to have the side walk dirt removed from the front of my home. The other company I hired never showed up and the concrete truck was coming to pump the replacement sidewalk. I called Dustin Curtis Bobcat and Hauling Service and he sent over a bobcat and a worker that removed the debris before the concrete truck got here. HE REALLY CAME THRU FOR ME WHEN I NEEDED HELP. He even matched the price I got from my "friend's company". Thank you again, Sal in West Palm Beach Florida"

Sal D. in West Palm Beach, FL

Fast and Neat
"I called said you could do did it. You gave me a written estimate ...You charged what you said it would cost took a check. You did the whole job...took out all the junk... smoothed out the dirt...swept up the sidewalk...shook my hand and left. A PERFECT JOB..... PROFESSIONAL.....ON TIME......NEAT Thanks, Chris"
February 18, 2007 by Chris T. in West Palm Beach, FL

You finished the job when the other guys left me in the dirt...
"I had a pool installed and was still waiting after 3 months for the pool company to come back and level the yard so I could have the landscaping done and the sod laid. I called every week and the pool company just kept stalling. I made ONE call to Dustin Curtis Bobcat and he was here the next day. He worked two long days and finished the job. All the left over construction trash is GONE !! All the dirt is leveled!! He even made an area in the back a little raised so I could have patio blocks installed. These guys are GREAT !!! "

Thank you for a neat and finished Job
"This is a good reference for DC Bobcat and Hauling Services. I called and they responded with an acceptable estimate that was fair. They showed up on time and worked till the job was completed. I am happy with the job they did, with the price, and with the time they worked. Thank you, Karina B."

January 30, 2007 by Karina in Lake Worth, FL

I needed help fast in West Palm Beach
"Just a note to say THANKS !!! I had five loads if gravel delivered late on Wednesday and had to have it spread before the start of business on Thursday. Dustin Curtis Bobcat came to the rescue and worked late into the night. I am happy to say I opened this morning with no parking problem. Thanks !!! "

Long Working Hours
"Your company DC BOBCAT & HAULING was recommended by my pool installation company. I had a pile of dirt 8' high and 30' across and a landscape design in mind. You took the time to listen to what I wanted and to give me sound advice on grading and water runoff solutions. You were here early and stayed till after 6pm. You worked hard to match my concept as I suggested a burm or a garden feature. You came back the next day and put all the finishing touches in place. I can look out back now and see my vision. Thank you for your hard work and creative nature. "

I needed a yard fix ...
"THANK YOU for being here to regrade my back yard. The septic company put in a new leech field and left my back yard a total wreck. I called around to a few companies and the only one that was willing to come yesterday morning was DCBOBCAT. They were here at 7AM and worked till the yard was exactly what I wanted. They even made a hilly section for me to plant away from the gate. I needed this done before my in-laws came this weekend and I am sooooo pleased it was finished before the sod arrived. THANK YOU AGAIN, Marianne D."
January 20, 2007 by Marianne D.

Thank you for a call back on Sunday
"I was pleasantly surprised to get a meeting today...SUNDAY. I was glad to talk to you about removing the overgrown shrubs and old bench in my back yard. Today is the only day I have off and DC Bobcat was here to discuss it and gave me a price...acceptable... ...very convenient !! Thanks again, Mike T."
January 14, 2007 by Mike T. in West Palm Beach, FL

On Time and in Writing !!!!
"A short note to say I appreciate the fact you were here on time for our appointment and that you put your bid in writing. You clearly stated the amount for grading the yard and dumping the trash. That gets a THANK YOU !!!!"
January 13, 2007 by Roger in West Palm Beach, FL

Thanks for going a little further
"I just wanted to take the time to thank DC Bobcat for going out of their way to stay late on the job and get it finished in one day. Thanks guys...I really appreciate it."
January 12, 2007 by Nick D

Neat and professional
"I want to express my thanks to DC Bobcat for the professional job of leveling my yard, removing the debris out, and installing plantings for me. I priced around and they were the most reasonable. The best part was the professional appearance ( clean company t-shirt) and the neat yard when  finished."
January 4, 2007 by Robert L.